7 Healthy, Halloween-Inspired Breakfast Masterpieces


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It’s a big week for the pumpkin. With National Pumpkin Day on October and 26 and Halloween not far behind, fans of the gourd are stocking up on their favorite pumpkin-flavored treats.

The problem is, many of those treats are high in sugar and low in actual pumpkin, which boasts benefits like fiber, antioxidants and potassium.

Instead of celebrating Halloween with nutritionally-scary treats, add some festive cheer to the foods you already know are good for you. These morning meals are nutritious, tasty and satisfying — and will definitely get you in the Halloween spirit!


Apple BitesApple Bites

Made from apples and almonds, these monstrous mouths pack fiber and healthy fats. Try them atop a bed of yogurt for some extra calcium and protein, like in this recipe.



Ghost Bananas

Bananas are loaded with potassium and rich in fiber and vitamin B6. Give them a spooky makeover with heart-healthy dark chocolate chips. Ghost bananas


Tangerine Pumpkins

For an extra serving of fruit, pair your ghost with a citrusy “pumpkinTangerine Pumpkins” topped with a celery stem. You’ll get fiber, antioxidants and of course vitamin C from that tangerine or mandarin orange.



Egg Eyes

It doesn’t get much healthier than eggs for breakfast, with their protein, choline and carotenoids. Sunny-side up fans can get creative with the help of a little ketchup or hot sauce. Bonus points for attention to detail if you top that yolk off with a black olive and green pea like in this recipe.



Fruit Salad Jack-O’-LanternFruit Salad Jack O' Lantern

Hollow out an orange, carve it a sinister face and then fill it to the brim with a mix of your favorite fruit for a wide range of vitamins and some filling fiber.




Candy Corn Smoothie Or Parfait

Give your typical calcium- and protein-rich yogurt or smoothie a festive makeover with some candy corn-inspired add-ins. Try pureed pumpkin and cocoa powder, or banana, papaya and pineapple like in this recipe.

 Candy Corn Parfaits


Mummy Toast

Top some 100 percent whole grain toast with a few small slices of your favorite cheese (protein and calcium!), then finish your creature from the crypt with halved black olives for eyes, like in this recipe.

Mummy toast


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7 Healthy, Halloween-Inspired Breakfast Masterpieces